Sunrise over a cliff

by Clariane Fernandez June. 25, 2020 926 views

It is not every day that you get an opportunity to enjoy the beach, and let alone have it all to yourself. One of the perks of going really early is that there's barely anyone around. If there are people, its mostly the ones who lives around the area.

Seeing clearly | San Diego, CA (2020)

Seeing clearly | San Diego, CA (2020)

These pictures were taken the same morning that I photographed the San Diego Skyline. We were at this place the day before and it was a breath of fresh air to see it not as crowded. If you zoom closely in this photo, you will see two couple enjoying the view.

The sun was adding color to the horizon, and you can see how clear the water was from the cliff.

Lovers on a cliff  | San Diego, CA (2020)

Lovers on a cliff | San Diego, CA (2020)

This photo may not be the best, but I just wanted to show the only people that we saw around the area. Might have pictured one of the couple mid-kiss as well.

Calm  | San Diego, CA (2020)

Calm | San Diego, CA (2020)

The waves seem to be calm that morning. It was not crashing harshly against the rocks. It looked very peaceful and calming. I took these photos while I was sleep deprived, so imagine how hard it was to keep my eyes open. I partially blame the sea for that because it is way too relaxing.

could stare at this all day  | San Diego, CA (2020)

could stare at this all day | San Diego, CA (2020)

One thing that I have yet accomplish in this spot is going to the open ceiling sea cave. I still have to figure out how to get there and where it is located. You can bet that you'd see sunset cliff again on my other posts.—Claire

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