A bit of Olden Days Feel

by Clariane Fernandez June. 28, 2020 922 views

The Lavender Field that I have gone to have these antique looking fixture all around. I do not know exactly what they are for, but they are a good addition to the field. It looked like an old equipment that they would have used to harvest the lavender.

The field and fixture  | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

The field and fixture | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

I was expecting for some information about it to be available within the field but there was none. It would also be nice to see it being used. These fixtures were also a popular photo spot. I have guiltily used it too to have my photo be taken.

Timely  | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

Timely | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

The sea of lavender varied in color. Some are purple, while some are white and yellow. The field of lavender was smaller than what I had expected.

LOVE-ender  | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

LOVE-ender | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

The contrasts between the sky, trees, and the lavender makes the photo alive. The different subjects give the photo a certain depth and texture.

Back in Time | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

Back in Time | Cherry Valley, CA (2020)

This set up in the field of lavender gives a back in the olden days feel. It was nice ti be able to take a photo with not much people flocking in the background. Here's to more photo days!—Claire

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