Look Closely.

by Clariane Fernandez June. 29, 2020 759 views

I have tried Macro Photography once and ended up liking it. That seems to be the trend for me, when it comes to photography it is hard not to like the subcategories. It may just be the adrenaline from trying something new and then coming out good enough, but it certainly does spark joy! (Get it?)

These pictures doesn’t always come out good enough, I’ve had shots where it’s out of focus and it is such a shame for the picture would’ve come out close to perfection. I used to be a stickler with capturing my photos with manual focus, but it doesn’t always come out right so here I have switched to the easy route. I decided that I should stop torturing myself.

I have noticed that using the automatic focus is quite helpful especially in macro photography. I often say that I am vertically challenged, if you don’t know that is, it means I am short. Taking photos of subjects that require a higher angle can be a killer, so auto focus it is!

It is always rewarding when you end up capturing insects on a flower or any plant. It takes quite stealthy moves to do it only because some are very sensitive, and they leave when they feel someone close by. There was a big butterfly in the lavender field when I captured these photos, but sadly I could not take a photo of it for it bounced from one spot to another too much and too fast.

Investing in a new lens specifically for macro photography is something that I am deciding right now. At the same time, I am trying to see if I really need it. If I am to get one, what lens do you suggest?—Claire

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