Under the Olive Groves

by Clariane Fernandez June. 30, 2020 880 views

In 123 Farms where the well-known lavender field is located, another attraction that they have is the Olive Groves. These trees are said to be quite old, I don’t know the exact years but they are older than me! As you enter the vicinity of the farm, they have fixtures that are perfect for photos. They are not only around the lavender field, but also all around the farm.

This farm is frequently a chosen venue for weddings and other gatherings. To do an actual photoshoot, one must get it approved and of course it is with fee! This area with the small cabin is actually not accessible by the public, so an upclose photo is not possible without breaking any rules.

It would be such a good spot to be taking photos. This farm just seems like a good spot for couple shoots. During sunset and all where the photo will come out even more romantic due to lighting. More romantic and more dramatic.

The olive groves is at the farthest end of the farm. This used to be the entrance to the farm. At night, they have these lights turned on. During a wedding, this is where they sometimes set up the dinner tables.

There are about 3 lanes of olive grove in this area. Since it used to be an entrance to the park there is a space in between where cars can fit. This area is also frequented by squirrels. Surprisingly, they are not afraid of people. I was able to get a bit closer just to snap a shot.

It certainly is not a perfect shot, but squirrels are just so cute. Also, I was kind of afraid of being attacked, not that they are known to do so. If you are looking for a place for a wedding, definitely give this place a tour.—Claire

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