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by Clariane Fernandez July. 02, 2020 929 views

I wish to be surrounded by lavender right now. I could use the smell of lavender to help me relax. As I am currently trying to juggle between school, work, and photography, I find it quite challenging. Not to mention that there are limited spots to take photos especially now that the number of COVID cases are getting worse.

I have said before that I will keep posting every day here as long as I can. Well, it is now getting to a point where I am running out of things to post, and running out of photos to post. It is quite a pressure that I am putting on myself, but in a way it's good to make sure that I go out there and take new photos.

Although its quite stressful to be coming up with things to post, I still do enjoy it and it is something that I always look forward to. I'll still hold on and continue what I am doing for as long as I can.

On the other hand, I am very thankful to all of you who takes some time out of their busy day to check out and read what I post. It is exciting to see how many people appreciate the photos that I take. It's what encourages me to do what I do.

So here's to more post coming your way. Thank you for the support and things will get better from here.—Claire

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