Something Quite More

by Clariane Fernandez July. 03, 2020 920 views

Whenever I need a chill day or simply wanting to get away for a bit, this is the place that I go to. Not too far from home, but far enough from all the noise of the city.

Plenty of picnic tables, and whichever one you choose it offers an awesome view of the mountain. Even in the summer this place stays green! Not only is this place perfect to get away from the chaos of the city, but the weather is always perfect

Its quite cool to be in a farm up in the mountain area. This area gets really populated with visitors during fall due to Apple picking and pumpkin picking! It is among those days that I avoid coming here, so I can avoid the crowd.

As much as I love this place, I love their Tri tip sandwich. I cannot even find words to describe how it taste, the smokiness of the meat is just quite something else.

They cook the meat out here in these grill. I am not sure if they do anything different with it when they are cooking it, but it is a must try. The barbecue sauce that they use is just the typical sauce and not really special, but it is the meat that makes the sandwich quite good. Along with sandwiches, they have pastries which are bomb as well.

Regardless of the season, I bet ya that you can find me here!—Claire

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