Off Somewhere?

by Clariane Fernandez July. 04, 2020 891 views

Would you look at that! A carriage. It looks quite old, and it is actually starting to fall apart. You're not even allowed to get on it because it's barely together. Feels like a bit of a strong wind may knock it down.

You can see that the chair is not even straightened up, and the wheels are barely there. It is just a good addition to a picture or an actual subject of the picture. It makes me wonder is this was used before or made merely as a fixture. Nonetheless, it is antique looking and has a lot of personality.

I am starting to see quite a trend in this spot. Seems like things that are not being used or are falling apart are used as decorations or fixtures. Well, talk about recycling!

U-Press Cider is something that I have seen advertised in here all the time, but I seem to not come at the right time for I always miss it. It will be quite interesting to see how it is made. The cider that they have here is actually bomb as well. Something to try.

To see the U-Press Cider in action is one of the missions I have to accomplish now. To time it right and not be lazy is the challenge.—Claire

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