Quite A Day!

by Clariane Fernandez July. 07, 2020 951 views

It was quite weird to celebrate 4th of July this year. There are no large gatherings, no events at the local park, and no fireworks display specifically arranged for the event. However, that is not to say that people did not set up their own firework spectacle.

4th of July for me was spent pool side with a Tequila Sunrise! That is right, even with the drinks I like sunrises.

Spending the day by the pool may be as close to last summer as I can get. The beaches were closed during the 4th out here in California to prevent the further spread of what we're dealing with. It's just since to spend the day outdoors.

The night was not quiet at all. There are plenty of fireworks everywhere and that went on until late. However, I did not get some cool firework shots and that is something I'm quite made about. This is the closest and most decent shot I got since I forgot my tripod!

The same night, I went to the park that is overlooking the entire Riverside and just took some shots. Its quite disappointing. The view was nice, but then the fireworks were too far even with telephoto lens.

The fireworks from the neighboring cities can also be seen. The fog is due to all the fireworks. So enjoy these photos that are as decent as I could get that day. —Claire

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