Kate's posts from October 2010

This was just a bit of fun…trying out CS5 for the first time… hmmm lots to learn Some info…. All Hallows' Eve falls on 31 October each year, and is the day…

After the wind and the rain..the beautiful colours seem subdued into a murky brown…but here is one last splash of colour :)

These were taken on Sunday…looking out on the grey wet day here this morning I think Autumn may have passed and Winter is knocking at the door.

Hi…. could someone elp me with the ID please…I have tried and failed…he's probably really common, but I am a begginer at IDing

I wonder if anyone can see the reason for the title… and no its not related to the emptiness of the glass!!

More from the ‘flu set’ ..feeling better now….looking forward to the weekend. Have a good one everyone :)

This is the remainder of a rush plant…the seeds of the spring flowers waiting to be blown away for the next spring flowers

coprinus comatus. I think I have ID this correctly but am sure someone will tell me if not…:) P.s. for 365DandFeby…..Apparently edible…but please dont take my…
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