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by Floresita February. 27, 2008 7811 views

It was hectic trying to find a space where people could see me and my poster through the lens of the camera that was located so far away. With my small and simple poster and a lone stander, I had little hopes of finding a place to raise my poster (if you could call it that) and make an impression on the future seekers of the yearbook. Somehow, I fit wherever i could and raised my poster loud and proud.
Afterwards, i had to make it back quickly home (with the help of Tania and her monster truck) because i wasn't supposed to stay after school! :O
It was fun, but my arms got tired. Mr. Flores took a bazillion pictures and in front of the whole crowd, dropped and broke the band director's megaphone!
…that ain't MY problem… i hope.


:P i feel weird saying that…

Tania and Lorelyn waiting for their posters on the stone wall

Abby, Jorge, Josh, and Gray setting up their spot and deciding how to hold their posters

Vanessa chooses a better place to get near the camera so she can show off her long and hard work.

A group of friends try really hard to get the spelling right

Mr. Flores on the opposite side of the theater just waiting in the shade while we all try to sort positions out

more people arrive with about as much confusion as those who are already there

The two on the arch made an impression on the ones below, but even more astounding is the two holding their intricate banner… >.> it's blank.

Colorguard friends make a joint effort to hold up their long and colorful banner.

The time to take the picture is near! everybody get into position!

Nope, false alarm.

Okay, the photographer arrives and is ready to pick up that camera. Seniors wait anxiously for the shot….

And of course, me and my poster! :3

Tania's smooth driving

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Jess Fw 13 years, 4 months ago

OHHHH you are not on messenger ;*(
I have no reason to be at work now... waaaaa

13 years, 4 months ago Edited
Jess Fw 13 years, 4 months ago

aww you're a senior! and I remember that poster picture, I wonder where mine is?! uhhh

I love yours, it's really awesome. Like you ;)

love ya and yay you have a photoblog now!!!

13 years, 4 months ago Edited