Last Rehearsal

by Floresita March. 31, 2008 7046 views

Man, we perform “Whose Life is it Anyway?” tomorrow and today's practice was a huge joke. Not that i'm mad or anything because it was funny, but i was so sad because it is my last time to goof off or to laugh on stage because well…. it's all over. It's all going to end. No more One Act trips, no more rehearsal, no more costumes, no more learning lines, no more… no more, NO MORE!!

bahhh well… it's really beginning to hit me how i'm a senior and i'm getting kicked out of all the fun stuff of school once it's over. I use to look to the future when i was a freshman, and also a sophomore, and even last minute hopes of the junior. But as a senior, it's all gone.
“tough luck”
college is next… “even tougher”

shhh! napping on my hospital bed

Jorge experimenting with hairstyles

Tania's crazy huge truck

my lone shadow ;_;

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Jess Fw 9 years, 6 months ago

aw you look all cute in your hospital bed =)
feelin' some of that senioritis, are we? all those anxious feelings of leaving high school behind... the uncertainty that lies ahead... the fear of change yet excitement for a new adventure... and the whole time in the background you hear that cheesy song playing "I will remember you... will you remember meee"
you're a big girl, you can handle it all.

9 years, 6 months ago Edited