More than I bargained for...

by Floresita April. 12, 2008 6076 views

Ok, well technically, some of these events happened yesterday, but, i couldn't get myself to go and replace the one i posted yesterday… it was just to hilarious for me…

so today i'm posting half of yesterday and today together, okay?
well, who knows, maybe more will happen, right?
Yesterday, I took Vanessa to Sonic… i just couldn't believe that those chilly cheese tots fell on my seat… it all happened so quickly! One second, vanessa was going to show me something, so she reached for her bag. The next moment i knew, i could see a sliding plate of tots fall from her hands and plop right to my side.
What a squeal! We scrambled for the tots but they left their mark alright. But no big deal, i knew i could just go clean it (if it were paint, that would be a different story). In fact, Vanessa got a little bothered that i wasn't barking at her for the mess.

And speaking of barking…
We got Pochota yesterday! The cutest, littlest, white bundle of pitbull joy was napping on the porch when i arrived home from school with Tak. Not to soon, Dad called to ask if we could bathe her. Of course i would do it! I volunteered and opted the sink was the best place to wash the little pup.
To my misfortune, the miscalculation was like fitting a pecan in a thimble. She was too big, but i managed to do it…. with the help of a measuring cup <_ of="" the="" ever="" great="" cup-evaluator="" go-for="" tak="">She was squeaky clean and as white as a snowball!

Today is where it gets weirder.
Mirna took Pochota off the porch to the ground where Pochota could actually go and do her little business when a stray dog appeared near them on the neighbor's side. The dog was barking and growling, but not in a fierce way… more in a whining way.
The dog was a tan colored female. She was biting the fence and jumping and pawing through diamonds she cut fit her hands in. She was trying to reach for Pochota. Instinctively, Mirna picked Pochota up and took her away from the “vicious” dog and called inside to us.
Mom and me went to go look at what all the commotion was about and we could see that the female dog was actually trying to call out for Pochota. You could tell that she was just growing out of feeding a litter of her own. She must have thought that Pochota was one of hers to care and love.
“Quickly, put her in the carrier and take her inside, as long as the dog sees Pochota, she's going to want to get her.”
So as instructed by Mom, we took her inside and the dog left.
To our surprise though, she only left the neighbor's yard to come into ours! She even forced herself through the porch's vertical planks of wood in search for the puppy.
We could see her clearly and I'm pretty sure she could see us fine. All i could think was to say, “Only humans here, move it along, move it along.”
She left after a few minutes and boy was I glad.
Though the adventure was over, she came back a few times afterwards to no avail. We shoo'd her away and kept Pochota near us.
Then we got to work. I started washing the laundry and Dad took Takky (and later Mirna) to go and work outside to help take out the pile of leaves we still had from last fall and to take the branches of our Nispero tree to the burning pile.
Pochota wore herself out running to and fro behind anyone she could chase after and decided to take a long awaited nap.

chilly cheese tots

nice stain




scrub a dub dub

drying off



BFFI (she accepted the bracelet)



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Jess Fw 9 years, 5 months ago

Lydia, it's ok, you can be honest with your friend and tell her what you told me- that you are SO MAD AT HER and that you will NEVER TALK TO HER AGAIN EVER!!

haha I'm totally kidding, of course!

oh myyy, Pochota is SO CUTE!!! And what does "Pochota" mean, anyway? well, hang on to her because you know they don't stay puppies for long!

9 years, 5 months ago Edited