Top 20 Banquet- CC Winn Graduates

by Floresita May. 14, 2008 5999 views

I only had less than an hour to change into my dress and rush off with mom and mirna to the international trade center behind the southwest texas junior college.
but i wasn't late.

the inside was beautiful!
they said semi-formal, but it could have easily been formal. Everybody seemed a little under dressed, but ironically we were all just fine. Or maybe it was just me.
Anyways, we all got certificates!!
I'm 12th in my class.
I should be happy, but i felt out of place… a little dumb.
I sat next to Doreen who had her lovely family with her and she didn't seem to mind my rude company. (“seem” being the key word–she tried to get away from me by taking a restroom break ) anyways
Mrs. Charles, my early elementary principal, was so delighted to see me succeed. She was so proud of me! I felt happy that she even remembered me. She hugged me at receiving the certificate and i hugged back.
All my buddies came around to congratulate me and i to them, but mom wouldn't let them go without a bazillion *cough*superblurry*cough* pictures…. ayyyyy they're not all that great shots ;_;

we left after it was all over and after finishing taking all the pictures with my buddies and after the rain began to pour down….
and mom gave me a huuuge door banner with “CONGRATULATIONS, Lydia Flores” on it. WOW!
i think it's too cool. thanks mom!

International Trade Center

12th rank

in line with 13th at my left and 11th at my right

doesn't look so appetizing… (well to me it didn't) but it WAS delicious

me 12th, liz 2nd, doreen 5th, and edgar 4th —our ranks

liz and me!! yaaay

jorge and me

me and edgar

good-bye hug (more like a friendly pose hug)

mrs. charles congratulating me on my achievement

ride back home– run from the raiiiin

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Alhelita 9 years, 4 months ago

hermoso vestido!!!

9 years, 4 months ago Edited
Jess Fw 9 years, 4 months ago

where are you getting all these cute dresses from?!

I can't believe you were 12th. I suffered so much more and only made it to 16th, NO FAIR!!!

And what's this International Trade Center place? huh huh huh

9 years, 4 months ago Edited