Combi Ride

by Floresita June. 18, 2008 5863 views

Combi pronounced: kohm-bee

so over in cute little public-transportation-land, we had a go at riding the small Volkswagen vans that transport all sorts of wonderful people!! Like schoolgirls, old men, and a large group of extended family relatives that need to get to the plaza.
OK… so that only covers the people who where actually inside the van besides all of us (i don't really know who rides it often)
but those little vans are everywhere!
they go half-way up the mountains with their little manual motors and with big posters on their dashboard to announce where they're headed.
why did we ride them if we already had a van?

good question.

the plaza was… interesting…
lots of tienditas to gaze through… all the fresh produce on shelves…all the people…all the illegal movies… did i mention ALL the people? EVERYWHERE??

I got harassed by this group of schoolgirls that came up to me out of NOWHERE and asked, "Nos puedes contestar una pregunta??“ they said something about doing a survey or a poll or something, so i said ok, i mean… it was going to be something quick, no?
WELL, one of the girls from the right steps aside from their semi-circle around me and stands to my right. She looks at me, and i look at her and she asks, ”Que pienses de los emos?
at first i was ALL confused… questions going through my head asking ”WHAT ARE EMOS??“ which are actually EMOs but i couldn't understand it completely because i had never heard it being said in spanish (which is the exact same but with a spanish accent).
so there i was, freaking out on what i could possibly say next, when one of the schoolgirls in front of me, pulls out a video camera from who knows where (BECAUSE I DIDN'T SEE ONE WHEN THEY HAD ASKED ME) and the little red dot starts blinking.

the only choice i had was going through my head.

i put on the most stunned and confused face i could and responded, ”aaa no, sabes que? olvidalo! olvidalo." and i dashed in the opposite direction.
it was a kinda weak excuse and i was scared they'd come at me from behind and make me answer or something, but it didn't happen.

hee hee, it was fun though…in a way >_>

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