Spot the Difference!!

by Floresita November. 10, 2008 6736 views

Hello and welcome back to our fabulous game show called “SPOOOOOT the DIIIIIIIFERENCE!”
Today on the show you will do exactly as the title commands: Spot the difference!
Here are two pictures, one taken after the other and with significant differences (focus on the drawing), the only task left is for YOU, the viewer, to comment on the difference between the two whiteboard drawings on both pictures presented to youuuuuu!

Let's begin.
You may submit all your answers in comment form!

All winners' names will be edited into this post in a few days~

edit 11/17/08:

AAAAND the winner(s) is(are):
HeWoh? (aka Vanessa S)

I'd like to thank all the participants~!

He must like to draw

I sure do like to watch!

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