Custom Jem fashion

by Floresita December. 05, 2008 8991 views

you're probably thinking “here she goes again!”

well, good. because now you're ready to hear it.

I had been ignoring my poor Jem dolls. The semester was coming to an end and all my assignment weren't going to do themselves. So I would pass by my dolls every day and completely pretend they weren't there. How horrible of me! That's a lot of investment just to have them rotting in one position for longer than 3 days!
So now that my finals are nearly done, I had a chance to sneak away and get some material to make the Jem clothes I wanted.
This fashion is called “Like a Dream” (and here comes the Jem doll story). The original fashion [] from the t.v. show was altered to make the doll fashion []. I, on the other hand, like the t.v. show fashion better, so I went and made it while keeping the same idea that the doll fashion used.
Need me to summarize?
The clothes I made for my Jem doll look like the clothes Jem wears on the t.v. show. Oh except I don't have hot pink shoes yet (so i didn't make socks).

It's all hand sewn btw.
Does it look alright?

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Sebastianorma 8 years, 9 months ago

You're so creative on so many fronts! ok I didn't read the whole blog, just saw you made the clothes. Oh to be young and have time for creative thinking! My photoblog is as creative as i get nowadays. Man, I used to write songs and stuff! what happened? don't lose that ok? Do what you love!

8 years, 9 months ago Edited