Back to School =(

by Floresita January. 19, 2009 7931 views

I felt soooo cool when Mirna and Isaac had to go back to school and i could still chill at the house for another 2 weeks but then, it hit me that it wouldn't be like that for too long. and then the 19th kept getting closer and CLOSER!! it hit me yesterday that “I START CLASSES TOMORROW.” boo

Today was also the day i stressed about all last night because i would be starting my brand new work-study job that seemed so intimidating! I was thinking about all the horrible things that could go wrong and in the end, it was the most beautiful thing. God granted me to monitor a class with 2 people today. =D my soul was at ease. Not only that, but one of the two is a distant learning work-study too and he could help me out if i ever screwed something up! What a luxury!!
But the downside was, my hours were reduced to only 3 a week!! wuzzup wit dat?? well, some classes didn't make and many DL work-study lost hours. On the bright side, i can concentrate on ONE class instead of the 3 different ones i'd have to face… u.u it's all goooood~

In my Microcomputer class…

we were given a general and brief about what a computer is and made up of
this is a floppy disk

this is a hard disk!!

then at my work study, everything went smoother than i thought

i'm a DL monitor!!

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Jess Fw 12 years, 9 months ago

no wayyyyy you're a DL monitor?! how funny! try not to fall asleep haha

12 years, 9 months ago Edited