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by Floresita March. 01, 2009 7168 views

The convencion bilingue finished today and we spent all of our afternoon and the rest of the evening on the Colegio Biblico campus Mexico because when we got there to eat lunch, we ate and then… waited. until 7pm for the closing service. So Mirna and I had to entertain ourselves with picture taking and snack eating. And walking.
I think we made the best of it. Not to mention that we heard the most awesome and motivating testimony that hno. J. D. Miller gave us. That was some powerful stuff…

and poor lil' Takky stayed here all that time by his self because his plans didn't go as… planned. lol.

After lunch we went walking around and found this tall and gnarled tree

i tried to pose all dramatically in the little sunlight that shot through the branches….. it wasn't what i was going for all the way, but it's still there!

mirna was pretending to be waiting for somebody, i just loved her lil expression :3

walking around made my shoes all dusty and even though i dusted them, they got dusty all over again >.>

we waited until 7pm

and it was over before we knew it and we heard this super cool story about how hno. J. D. Miller went to China! It was an awesome tale!

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Vanessa Sotelo 8 years, 5 months ago

that is a really cool table!!!

8 years, 5 months ago Edited