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by Floresita March. 15, 2009 7573 views

Oh memories!!

For those of you who wanted to see proof of my collection of paper rings from the napkins at Red Lobster from the first time we went, here they are.

There were 3 in total. I got 'em all!

Hmm… so i was nine.
Well, all this rummaging to find my old stuff, i found out the other first time papers from restaurants!

First time we went to Applebee's! Back when there wasn't any over here. (well technically we don't have an Applebee's anymore, but we HAD one)

Ah! back when we first went to Chili's. I ordered from the kid's meal. Ya see??

I also have a collection of post it notes i've got from people who left them around.

"Dear Lydia, I took the SP 'cause when I get back I will play it!" -Mirna

for the record, i did not owe him a dollar.

Here Yessi was too adorable. She was also playing with my colored pens, but i love her message!

This is Mirna's drawing of a forest frog from a How-to-Draw book.

This is my tessellation i made up back in the 7th grade that helped me win 1st in the live-stock show because the end result was just awesome!

This is my Polaroid of Seth, our last Rottweiler dog…. about 2 dogs ago.

This was a cool concert i went to! It was awesome. I was 13.

This was the first 3-D movie I had EVER seen!! It rocked my socks!!

This is more recent. This was when we went to St. Louis and I went up that creepy tower!! I was scared. REALLY. Want to see? Go Here [] and to Pic#8 when we are at the top.

My super secret stash. Don't tell anyone, k?

Also from my trip to St. Louis, i kept the super awesome gold giftcards. the first kind of gift card in the form of a credit card and ohh it was too cool. They're expired (waaay expired) but i still blurred the numbas so you tricksters out there don't get funny ideas!!

This is from the first gift Yessi brought me back from ACU. I

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Vanessa Sotelo 8 years, 7 months ago

I remember you tessellation!!! I also remember that whatever you got i got one point higher because that was the deal we had with ms. barrow!

8 years, 7 months ago Edited
Jess Fw 8 years, 8 months ago

I have some of that rooster drawing you made! It was on my cork board at work and now that I don't have an office anymore, it's in "Yessi's corner" at home =)

8 years, 8 months ago Edited