Plant One!

by Floresita May. 14, 2009 7059 views

Well, it was a good thing the weather was not awful! It was cloudy, a little humid, but the sun didn't show until the last hour we were working and… and let's just say it was good that nobody got heat stroke. I know I did get a really red face, though…

And I took a bunch of clumps of grass home! Maybe I can add it to our patchy grass (first two pictures) [] and have it spread!! bwahahahaha!!

….Then i had to go to work…. =(

P.S. Oh! This is my 365th post. A whole year's worth of posts I have posted! (Well, they're not all that consecutive, but I've kept as close to daily as I can.) From the day I began using my camera-phone to using the digital camera I have now logged a lot of my activities! Also…
I have now become dependent on photoblog as being my reference. Sometimes my Mom will ask, “When did you get your iguana?” And I'll be, “Uhhh… i know it's on my photoblog…” and then i'd have to go check photoblog and sure enough, i get plenty pictures in reference to my iguana and the exact date i received it~ What would I do without a camera? The world may never know…

well, not one of these, this is a weed. a really cool looking weed, but a weed nonetheless…

So today, at the SWTJC….

PTK is planting lil trees for future generations!!! They will thank us!

The crew is ready to choose a spot and start a diggin'!!

Spot #1! Pick Axe away!

Then we hit pavement. Like asphalt! I guess there used to be road in this patch and we had to break through it…

With the hole finally big enough, we could fit the lil tree in there no sweat!

so? so??

isn't it beautiful?

mulch it! now water it!

now mulch around it!

get it nice and pretty

and off to the next spot!! (four more times)

we sure can plant them trees!

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Vanessa Sotelo 12 years, 4 months ago

hooray for helping the evironment!!

12 years, 4 months ago Edited