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by Floresita December. 17, 2009 7003 views

… on training Rhino.

Let me explain.
We have NEVER trained our dog. Our own dogs. We have hated them for digging, chewing, living in the streets. But we've never taken the time to actually train them.
So of course it was I, the lonely one away from home that wanted a pet, that researched what actually owning a dog takes. And the main stressed subject is training them. “okay fine,” I said, “what is this ‘training’ everybody keeps talking about?” so I read up on why it's important and how different breeds have different characters…. yadda yadda
I picked up a magazine on Pitbulls and read it through. I read all the tips on a Pitbull training website. Okay, just want to clarify here that I'm not thinking of training a vicious pitbull, because in reality, pitbulls are people-loving dogs. It's the people who “love” them that make them turn on everybody else. As for other animals and pitbulls, they don't always get along very well, so it's incredibly important to be careful when introducing another animal to a pitbull. Did I mention I have become a pitbull breed fan?
Okay, back to my take on training.
Another thing we have never done, is give our dogs the time of day. Everyday we take 2 minutes to feed them and leave them in the backyard the rest of the day. I wanted to change that.

Today, I spent my time hugging, petting, scratching, and praising a lonely dog in our backyard.
He then suddenly became a very good dog. I took hours training him. I used those crazy-praising voices that many dog owners use on their dogs (along with the help of some doggy treats) and that dog just shone!
I used the positive-technique training methods that don't use “correction” yanks or hits. This technique has to do with only giving a dog a treat when he does what you want and nothing when he does the wrong thing. It sounded “hippie” to me at first, but it was amazing how much of a change I saw. I was used to yelling, “no!” and hitting the dog on the head when he did something wrong- with no results, except the result of the dog being completely afraid of you.

I am so excited to have a dog! C=

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