Sally Beauty Job Interview

by Floresita February. 24, 2010 6453 views

Today was my first job interview for the only job that called back after I applied.

I was nervous last night. I was unsure of how to dress. Business casual, Yessi said. So I did.
Resume copies in my hand.

Oh dear…
“May I help you?” The desk receptionist asked.
“Where are the restrooms?” I had to ask (figures I'd have to go right before I was to be called).
“Going through those doors on your left.” I understood.

I went through,
On the left there was a wall.
Maybe she meant right?
Oops, there's office cubicles here! go back!
Man, this place is so awesome. The interior designing was so handsome! Oh right, the restrooms!
Maybe I didn't go far enough to see a left.
Stairs. I'm on a balcony? Oh look, a Security is on the bottom floor! …Am I intruding? must go back!
Oh look at that, the “wall” on the left is actually a panel. There's a hallway on the other side!
Um… conference rooms? More cubicles?
Alright, down this hall… what's that door sign read? “Men”
That must mean there is a “women” around here some…. there!

Much better.

“Hi, Lydia. I'm Stephanie, please come this way.”
I wasn't nervous anymore. The interview was going great.

“There's something I think I should mention,” Stephanie informs, “this position is temporary, the training is 4 weeks, and it runs through July.”

…that runs through summer vacation!



I was devastated.
Torn to the core.

Los quiero, Familia!!

Even if they offered it to me, I couldn't have it. I wouldn't. I didn't want it anymore.

God has something else in store.

I will wait.

In the lobby

the walls were tall. Impressive and beautiful.

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Jess Fw 7 years, 6 months ago

BOO for jobs that go through the summer!

7 years, 6 months ago Edited