Late Night Project

by Floresita September. 25, 2010 5844 views

You guessed it, it's not a class project!

…well yes, I am pressed for time. And yes, I do have work to do. And yeah, i know that this would be considered procrastination…

I finished all my work, and used the extra time to make something.

…well yes I made 3 pretty good shirts into one torn up one. and yes, i know that technically it's still not useful because it's incomplete. and yeah, okay, let it be.

It was a something to calm my mind. It worked, and now I have something unique. I just have to stitch up that collar and poof! Cool shirt that is only mine.
If you want to know what happened to my other unique shirt [], I don't really like t-shirts, so I didn't really wear it but once to school.

I WILL wear this one, okay?

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Luflo 7 years ago

Linda muchachita, mente siempre trabajando. Hasta ahora se ve que tu proyecto quedará bien. Yo conozco esas manitas artistas trabajadoras. Te amo mucho.

7 years ago Edited