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We arrived on time. A little earlier than Mr. Flores, in fact, so we went ahead and had our fun before the panic settled in.

The kids came in.
The kids got into costume.
The kids rushed for their make-up.
The kids were stopped.
The kids were called to a meeting.
The kids were told the elementary school canceled.

I GOT UP at 6am after working on the set until 10.30pm last night, eating ice-cream for dinner, sleeping at midnight, waking up at 6am to get the sibs up, missing breakfast so I can arrive bright and early to start make-up ONLY to hear this?!

Okay, well I guess the kids were the bummed ones because they wanted an audience to dance and sing at but… ah well.

We tried to round up some of the administration there at the C.C. Winn to try and get an audience the kids would dance to, but they were all busy.
But somehow, Ms. De la Garza got connections and was able to get permission for the English summer school classes at the C. C. Winn to come watch!!

The show must go on!! ;)

Mirn is giving her hair a new pouf-style

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Jess Fw 6 years, 2 months ago

How sad! And I thought Taco wasn't going to do the sound because he had to work? No?

Ok but if I'm reading your post correctly, you DID have a show, right? SO HOW DID IT GOOOO

6 years, 2 months ago Edited