A time for thanksgiving

by Floresita November. 24, 2011 5247 views

Some people really frown upon Black Friday.
I get it, people fight over material possessions, dedicate their time to shopping and not spending time with their family, and lose face easily in the midst of a competitive atmosphere.
But I've been to a couple Black Fridays now, and I have never had to encounter such a situation. I don't camp-out a day in advance (or even an hour for that matter) and I don't run in yelling and grabbing a pajama set from an old lady because she wasn't “quick enough.”
Tips for conflict-free BlackFriday (results may vary):
1) Remember is to stay away from Wal-Mart (duh!) and other stores like it. If they have a really good deal on a toaster oven, look in other stores because they might have a really similar deal with much less human traffic on that day.
2) Be ready to accept that if it's gone, it's gone. If the employee doesn't know, (s)he doesn't know. Don't lose face when you've just finished dedicating a day to being thankful and being around family and friends.
3) (it's more of a comment) I go for the small things. One or two things in one store, about 3 stores, tops. I'm not going to spend my day hopping and shopping.

They say not to knock it ‘till you’ve tried it, but BlackFriday is definitely not for everyone (and that includes some people who actually go and make a terrible, youtube-like scene). It's really up for you to decide.

I am SO thankful for the wonderful time I get to spend with a part of my family. I am thankful that I'm still in school and that I have great friends. I thank God for my health and my resources. I lack little to nothing because God has always provided for me. Thank you, God.

I am also thankful, because there is also a time for fun.

↓ My view on Black Friday in post description below ↓

Overall, it's just an extension of spending time with family- in a fun way :3

(don't worry, we're not aggressive in the least bit, honestly.)

Just a toaster oven

and two pillows

while everybody else fights for a PS3 or something,

we get some compact digital memory

at the final stop, there really wasn't anything we wanted, so we were done.

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Jess Fw 5 years, 9 months ago

I like :)
And I agree :)

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