See, Tree

by Floresita April. 01, 2012 8450 views

I try not to notice beautiful weather anymore.

I love it, it's great. They're rare.

I'm happy when I walk in wonderful weather.

But I try not to notice it. Not to long for it. Not to chase it to frolic in it.

I cannot dilly dally. I must not prance and spend too much time outside.

I might someday.

The day my homework is to watch the clouds.
Or if there's an outlet in that field of plush grass.
Maybe if the wind would not blow my drawings away.
When the sun doesn't flare in my eyes.

It's more efficient to work indoors, unfortunately.

So it's ok if the day is amazing and perfect and I'm stuck inside a library trying to get the layout just right. Or figure a new idea to advertise a farming supply company. Or get the right angle in a photo that I need as a reference.

It's ok… I tell myself.

Of course, it is me that is the fool, because it is quite nice when I can sit and bask in the wonderful breeze, the cool shade, and the sparkling, emerald trees.

Very nice, indeed.

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