The day with a sudden twist

by Floresita April. 03, 2012 6379 views

The day evolved to danger when tornado warnings began to pop up around the metroplex!

It started off as a great time to hang out with Yessi in Dallas with delicious food and snacks. Then we hung out at the mall to shop till we dropped. And by that I mean until I had to take her to the airport before I had class at 6pm.

But as the cloudy day drizzled on, the drizzle became a steady rain pour, and the rain became sheets and sheets of water with clouds so ominously darkening up the early afternoon sky. We were on the 3rd floor of the Galleria in Charlotte Russe when the sales manager asked us to leave because she was going to shut down the store and send her team to the storm shelter downstairs.

This sounded serious.

I would soon get a text message from my old roommate, now studying in Arlington, hoping I was safe from the tornadoes! Apparently, she had to take shelter in a bathroom for a while because the tornadoes had been near her area!

Jess started to see photos on facebook with 18 wheelers flying sky high and the news that her flight had been cancelled!

We dared not leave the safety of the Galleria mall, but I didn't quite trust those ceiling windows too much. But we had been assured it would be ok, so I tried not to panic….. much.

I didn't plan on making my class after all and Jess was on hold with the airlines forever until she booked a flight the next morning. Then the cool thing happened (again) where she got to spend the night! And this time we spent it at a fancier hotel than last year [](which she managed to spend the night for a completely different reason hahaha)!

According to the news, the tornadoes were not expected at all. It was very much a surprise to everybody in the area and there were no reported deaths, thankfully. Thank you God for always keeping us in your care.

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Jess Fw 5 years, 6 months ago

aaaaaaaaaaah I want some avocado yogurt again!!

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