Late Nights Block party

by Floresita September. 18, 2015 4973 views

I usually attend these monthly late night openings with Mirna since it all takes place late enough for her to make it after work. But this time she was out of commission for her stretched tendon injury and in her stead, Gray and Vanessa were free that night to join me. So off we went to the museums!!

I spent more time in the other two museums than I had before. The DMA is usually where I find myself and most of the events, but in this case, we stopped inside the Asian art museum first and heart a cute love story told by an old couple.

After that, we grabbed some boba and walked into the DMA, only temporarily because not much interested us and we moved over to the Sculpture museum (where I had yet to be in) and we walked around the open exhibit and then to the outdoor garden area. Lots of neat installations. It was a little extra fun that it was dark and we just got to hang out and take pictures by lighting with our phone flashlight app (reminding me of this past Christmas photo shoot my sisters did).

All in all a pretty cool night as we made our way back to our parking spot and stopped by a wall mural on a church and some really awesome lit up steps (so fun!).

On our way to the block

Waiting in line for our boba, only to find out they have like 5 teas left and no boba… -_-

They still got teas with fruit jellies but I WANT MY BOBA, oh well, it was late

That's not just a pile of potatoes, that's a pile of potatoes WITH art sprinkled

reluctantly moving to the place your photographer wanted you to stand

exaggerated expressions (hehehe i make things difficult)

Cool arm cast attached to tree that has been growing with/around the cast for 20+ years

headless army

where have I seen this?

Found a beautiful weeping willow!!

Lighting it up with our phone flashlight app

Getting some shots most unattainable by flash (believe me, I tried)

This was way too tricky lol

the best I could take of the garden

I jumped through time and decided the best thing was to come back

Lit up steps in a building

yo yo yo

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Jess Fw 6 years ago

WHOA #19 is totally tripping me out!
Love all the pictures! #13 is profile pic worthy, just saying

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