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by Floresita November. 20, 2015 2604 views

I'm realizing that perhaps I've interacted with work and my coworkers more than I thought.

So my desk officially lies outside the boundaries of “The Clubhouse” which is what my CD called the group of desks where the Creatives (minus me) are sitting. At first I was a little bummed that they all got desks near each other, but now I'm just feeling left out, especially with the help of this Ikea square shelf they've put in the way of perhaps the only space I could peek over to see a bit of the Clubhouse through.

We'll go around my desk towards The Clubhouse, to see how far I've been displaced

They're trying to include me, but ultimately I'm away from most of the action. Also, there is technically a desk, but it's occupied by a non-Creative and she's not willing to switch with me so I can get on the “in.”

I don't blame her, my desk place is not that great, but I have been doing a little bit of annoying things to show her we're frienemies over this.

So my CD mentioned we should hang the Creatives stockings and I went ahead and made some for everyone in the clubhouse. Even my frienemy.

You see that green sock? That's her stocking in the set. I'm not being subtle. She calls me out on it every time too. But she's a trooper. We're both in the middle kid class.

I also have a bit of resentment toward the shelf that is blocking my view, so I went ahead and claimed as much of it as I could with my junk. I know that's basically nothing, but I do what helps me feel better >:\

Anyway, inside the Clubhouse, we have boards with plenty of stuff we have to get done for the website launch. And as you can see, my hands are everywhere.

When I got my art piece back, the hands were already falling off, so I just pulled a bunch out and left them on people's desks.

This is my junior's desk

Here is my frienemy's desk. I also made her a happy pill (before the rivalry, but tbh i would have made her one later anyway if she wanted)

this is my CD's desk, with a dark hand

here is another board with sketch ideas

another hand creeping through

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Jess Fw 5 years, 10 months ago

Kinda feisty of you, Lids! I'm impressed/sassed!

5 years, 10 months ago Edited
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