Day 10/11: Catchup

by Carolina May. 15, 2017 335 views

Must be better to not give up a day. Got to figure out what the best way to manage this is. But I am enjoying the challenge, well most of the time at least, of having to pick up my camera and get an image every single day. #dobetter

one frame in a collage lit by sun on a room wall

This is one I snapped around dinner time after noticing how cool the light bounced off our dinning room wall. There's not much too it but I wanted to give it a shot, no pun intended. :)

And then the next day, I was excited to have some new co-workers over for dinner. Him and his wife came over with their three year old soon. Unfortunately, in the hurry of getting dinner prepared after I got home from work and getting everything else tidy, I didn't take a single picture that day. So here is my poor attempt at at least keeping a memory from the day. 

banana boat bottle of after sun lotion

After sun lotion you might ask? It's because while we were all sitting and chatting in the living room, my friend's son kept saying his booboo on his knee was itching. So we brought out the lotion to help him feel better. Except he needed relief close to 10 times. On the last pump, there was so much lotion on his leg, there was no where else to spread it. Needless to say we put it away after that. It was pretty funny though.

rice with beans in a tupperware container

I made so much food for dinner and I'm sad I didn't get one picture of a full plate. We had arroz con gandules(rice with green pigeon peas), massitas de puerco(pork carnitas chunks), tostones(fried plantains), salad and avocado. I was very pleased with how it all turned out, except maybe for the rice; there was room for improvement there. This was all that was left at the end of the night. Note to self: make more food next time. :D

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