Day 15 : Ordinary Things

by Carolina May. 19, 2017 892 views

I just got started washing the dishes on this day, when I noticed I didn't do a very good job of washing the measuring cup. Pesky oils are always a little harder to get off, but I noticed something else very interesting. So I decided to put the sponge down and pick the camera up. 

water bubbles on a measuring cup

Water bubbles collected on the bottom of the measuring cup and with the light from my kitchen window hitting them just right, I couldn't resist trying to see what I could capture.

water bubbles on bottom of measuring cup

I tried capturing from multiple angles.

water bubbles on bottom of measuring cup

This one isn't the most appealing, but it is the evidence of the oily residue.

dish rack containing the measuring cup and other washed utensils

And here is a wider shot of the setting. It's not anything glamorous, but I am forcing my self to practice with what I have; to make something out of nothing, or is it. :) Plus, there was some cool sun flares happening all on their own.

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