Chocolate Factory

by Carole Gledhill January. 22, 2009 6723 views

Well there were a lot more photo's and lot's of things happened like I met a woman I went to College with 23 years ago. unfortunately I was a bit drunk, must remember not to drink wine…. And also Tamany, another exhibitor, who was lovely and almost frighteningly like an old friend of mine… Failed to get pictures of either but I've rather naughtily captured a still from a film [] college friend was in (I'm in it too)

On the train on our way to London

in the street on our way to the gallery


here we are

Boy took some… Dragana and Dragana's pictures

Dragana [], Robert et Moi by Boy

Ah Robert []! Who has the most lovely warm brown eyes and a lovely warm voice. A bit like I imagined it would be but I failed to imagine that extra added richness.

Gail ( fellow student from 23 years ago) in ‘An Hour to kill’

Gina [] and Peter (I think, I was quite drunk at this point)

Took loads of pictures of this and then fell over backwards in front of a waiter… uuuugh SO embarrassing. He rather kindly said he “ aims to fall over drunk at least once a week” which made me feel better…..

the view from my hangover


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Jarvo J 12 years, 7 months ago

Nice set :¬). Good exhibition wasn't it: I went today, but it was very quiet. I couldn't resist taking some shots of the lights under the bridge too.

12 years, 7 months ago Edited
Pinkynomore 12 years, 7 months ago

particularly liked the old ordinary door into the new space world beyond. Boldly going etc.... sis i need you to call me v. important. sorry to hijack the blog .comment 100% genuine xx

12 years, 7 months ago Edited