Mr. K

by Carole Gledhill April. 29, 2009 4578 views

I'm back and I took loads of pictures and had such a cram packed time I could write a book but I'm tired and I got toothache so I'm saying nothing.

except I wish I could do that with my eyebrow []

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Makai Dunne 8 years ago

Very nice. My how time changes us but leaves us the same all at once! I love this picture. I really like the one you linked to as well.

8 years ago Edited
Walter 8 years ago

Do you have teeth in your fingers? Ok, Mr. K. :-)

8 years ago Edited
Jon Laysell 8 years ago

Great eyebrow movement; you don't see a brow like that every day. I think he's busy practisiing for the next Cadbury's ad whereas he should be out there trying to drum up work as a [url=]Rodney Bickerstaffe [/url] lookalike.

8 years ago Edited
Tomie Poodle 8 years ago

great portrait! i like the colors... like a cartoons :)

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Finbarr 8 years ago

funny shot !!

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Stefan Fletcher 8 years ago

My comment would focus on the hairstyle but I'm too wasted to offer anything constructive. Be yourself. Blame comes later. Sometimes much later.

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Martina Korosec 8 years ago

about eyebrow. try to hold the other one while you are practicing with the one that you would like to make it. and then... with a lot of concentration try to do it without this help, and then repeat it every day in the morning and in the evening...and then....

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