Sweet 17 (I called the jpg Goofy)

by Carole Gledhill September. 16, 2009 3885 views

My Aunt's friend Cora ( Who I love still though we rarely see each other) gave me this dress and a hairpiece too. It was made of crepe and I LOVED it.
So this is me in G's Bedroom. Praps I was living there in this pic. Ah my spotty skirt and knitted jumper with Kipper tie… I loved that ensemble. I look like me to me and I remember that time of my life, bit's of it but I can't connect to this picture. Guessing G took it. Ooh just spotted a spotty thing behind me on the edge of the picture. Think it's my Electric Bass that I spent hours painting with cell film paint. Pinks and blues. Swapped for a recording walkman a bit later and the Guy who ended up with it sold it to the Bass Player in ‘Mud’
They did the Mud Walk [youtube.com] in his living room… Damn all that writing and I've just remembered it was my other bass (Vox Peardrop mmmmmm) Mick got the spotty one.
Apologies to all for hideousness of song. It's a thing that makes me smile thinking of my guitar being mud walked by a real mud person.

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Jonathanbiggs 7 years, 12 months ago

was this 1978 or 1979?

7 years, 12 months ago Edited
Finbarr 8 years ago

you look so beautiful !!

8 years ago Edited
Kimkadabra 8 years ago

Bless you pretty!

8 years ago Edited
Catherine Hollens 8 years ago

Hey... yah!! Can just feeel that crepeness!! Fab!

8 years ago Edited
Robert Moffat 8 years ago

well - so this is the you Mr G was so very lucky to know. Im speechless with jealousy! What a great picture - what memories - how lovely you kept these.

8 years ago Edited
Pinkynomore 8 years ago

pastness all over the place

8 years ago Edited
Alexander 8 years ago


8 years ago Edited
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