Carina Nebula

by Carole Gledhill May. 11, 2012 3616 views

Had a HIDEOUS cold all week. Always forget how very horrible they are. So many things I wanted to do as well. Missed a day trip to a Palladian Mansion [] for one thing.

Sneezed myself senseless. Don't recall ever having such a very sneezy cold. Started on Monday and now I'm almost better but still feel blurry and achey. I seriously hate bugs. Anyway, as ever, stuck in bed for a bit and I passed the time with phone apps and portrait making. Was going to do a long blog with lots of pictures but I ran out of steam already.. Glad it's over and am actually feeling quite jolly. Certainly not jolly in the thick of it though.

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Helen Hooker 5 years ago

I love the way you've treated this - so beautiful. Glad to hear you're feeling better now :-)

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Alexandra Pechabaden 5 years ago

It is a beautiful picture Carole,I agree with above comment, as your profile picture! Magical.

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Stormfish 5 years ago

p.s. i think you should use this as your profile picture. :-)

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Stormfish 5 years ago


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Chossid 5 years ago


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Eiram 5 years ago

So beautiful!
(I hate bugs as well:)

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Glo 5 years ago

Enchantingly beautiful! Get well soon!

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Finbarr 5 years ago

Get better soon !

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Walter 5 years ago

Why do you keep getting these colds? :-|

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Mark 5 years ago

Good to hear you're getting better. Cool stardusty sort of image.

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Larry Sample 5 years ago

This is so beautiful! Hope you get back to your old self soon.

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