by Carole Gledhill June. 05, 2017 1238 views

Spent a few days in Cambridge. Time didn't exist though the sun came up and went down and events unfolded with rapidity. Unfolded slowly too. No knowing what the future might be except the obvious thing. Nothing to do but be. Hospital time. And hospital corridors like dreams and people without their shells. Everyone gentle with each other.

When I first met Danny in the food hall there, the busy limbo place where Costa and Marks and Spencer and gift shops give a faint impression of the outside world, when we met we unexpectedly fell into each others arms and wept. Nobody felt it was out of place. No enquiring eyes. No enquiry needed.

So the days rolled by with intensely sweet moments and fucking awful ones too though I'm letting those ones go. And the end came expected and unexpected and I was alone with him when he went though I missed it. I was alone with him when I realised he was gone.
Though it makes me cry to remember it I feel so very grateful to have had that moment unwatched and unshared.

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Stephanie 4 years ago

Such lovely sentiments, but one thing we can all believe is that we are all alone on that last journey

4 years ago Edited
Helen Hooker 4 years ago

A very moving post Carole

4 years ago Edited
Carole Gledhill Replied to Helen Hooker 4 years ago

Thank you. It was good to come back to photoblog for this. Somehow still the best place to say things with words and pictures. Therapeutic as ever.

4 years ago Edited