Always Be Prepared

by Caroliiiiina January. 03, 2017 274 views

Just take it 003/365

Today was pretty useless. Got to the studio and helped filled up the van only to return back and be told to stay at the old location as our boss was expecting an important package from UPS regarding our server.

I was pretty upset and stubborn at first, considering how useless it would be to have one man down for moving furniture only to wait around doing absolutely nothing to be efficient for this big move.

Welp, I spent a solid 4 hours sitting waiting by the window, shaking my head in disappointment. I knew UPS wouldn't arrive by the end of my workday. 

I kept my calm and held up a decent attitude throughout. Luckily I brought some mate to have along with some snack food.

One thing I've been patting myself on the back for is making a habit of always being prepared for any kind of situation. And today was one of those days; it sucked the moment it happened, but got better after I realized I had items with me to keep me entertained and focused.


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