The unexpected task

by Caroliiiiina January. 05, 2017 435 views

Paint, they said - 004/365

Another day, another surprise.

I don't mind painting at all. But what I DO mind is when I'm told to paint despite what my job calls for. I was expecting to move furniture around today since we're still getting the new location situated, and so I dressed accordingly in my training shoes and a nice pair of leggings.

Well, it happened -- I got paint on my nice sneakers and my leggings, (in my hair and all over my flannel shirt as well! Ugh!). I was pretty frustrated and even more upset over the duties imposed on me, especially after getting paint on my quality belongings. But, I decided not to let it hinder my entire day.

I enjoy painting very much and find it to be very relaxing, which I indeed took to my advantage today. I set everything up and played music from my phone without a care about any other business.
I know that this whole moving process will be done soon, so I'm making the best of it. The studio is going through a whole change and I'm trying to keep up with making, doing, and thinking of good things come out of every situation--wanted or unwanted. It really makes a huge difference when you keep that awareness actively in line with your sight.


Note to self: Keep a spare change of clothes and shoes on you at all times #preparedness

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