Family Love

by Caroliiiiina January. 06, 2017 318 views

(This post is a day late of course.. This should've been published yesterday but I didn't have any spare time to post this up!)
This post is intended for 01.05.17

Gathering 005/365

I left work an hour earlier today. I definitely hit a point at work where my body nearly shut down in agony. I've reached the point of exhaustion that I'm starting to feel a bit sick. 

The better half of the day was when I got home and my sister came over shortly after with her children. It's always such a heartwarming and chaotic time with her five kids. I love their energy and company. 

Tonight was special though. My aunt and grandmother had been visiting for Christmas and New Years and tonight is their last night in the US before their flight back home to Argentina tomorrow evening. So, we cooked up a delicious lasagna dish and hung out in the kitchen for most of the evening. And with a huge family like ours, the party is always in the kitchen! Mmm!


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