Going through

by Caroliiiiina January. 22, 2017 500 views

I've allowed myself to get spirited away into letting things come as they may. I may have grown exhausted, sacrificing hours of sleep to participate in now-ness but how else am I really supposed to be? I can only be when I take myself away.

I am, however, not a listless leaf in the wind allowing the current to take me. I am but a weightless being that must live in this weight. Is weight a good thing? Is weight a bad thing? The truth, the beauty, the goodness surrounding my every day is a lot. It's heavy; it's weight that bears much.

I have difficulty every time I try to put my life's thoughts into words. There is much in this mind that reaches an ineffable nature. It's quite a personal, sorrowful, and solitary experience. 

Photos can only take you so far into the eyes which have given it a frozen moment of life.


Good morning 019/365




Reading break between 4hrs of Krav classes 021/365

I desire two extremes: chronos and kairos. I need time to sleep but I desire so deeply to be outside of it.

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