First Post!

by Carolina Aguirre March. 02, 2014 309 views

Yayyy Ok so I made this because it seemed like a cool idea. Hopefully I'll be consistent with posting and whatnot. So yea life is going pretty good. APES is a fucking joke like seriously i'm so glad Mrs. Pachuta loved me and recommended me to take it because the reading guides are literally the test.

I really need to start saving up money for the summer omfg there's so many things that I need to buy. List: PS4 and some games, cute VS bras and panties, make up, Harold And Maude DVD, cute lipsticks, and Mario's birthday present. The struggle man. It fucking sucks working and just thinking about the preppy white bitches that dont have to work and can get everything they want makes me sick like wow.

I also realized that what I really want to be in life is an optometrist. First I have to major in bio or chemistry and then apply to an optometry program. Total of 8 years after Highschool. Bio was insanely easy and I want to take AP Bio senior year, so we'll see how that goes.

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