by Caroline Killmer September. 07, 2005 1530 views

I had to go to Japan to get my visa sorted out. I opted for Japan because it generally costs the same as flying from Beijing to Hong Kong and my lovely family live in Tokyo.

It's always nice to go home.

Shinjuku Gardens and the skyline beyond. We took many picnics here when I was young. For me, this place embodies total peace of mind. it's a brilliant still spot in the middle of Tokyo.

In the basement of the Roppongi Hills building there is a restaurant that looks directly onto a boxing ring. Unfortunately I breezed through when they were stretching and not during the dinner hour, when presumably they pummel each other.

Asakusa - it seems this nun knew the young girl working at the Gelato stand and she made herself at home behind the counter, periodically turning around to make sure all the patrons had water to drink and were happy with their ice creams. We were.

“The Tatami Man” has a beautiful little shop with an earth floor in downtown Tokyo, hemmed in on either side by sky rises. Somehow his tiny two-story shop and house have managed to withstand the sprawl of development.

I believe this is the same type of Japanese beetle that has made it to the US and is plaguing places such as the Missouri prairie. This one was rather innocently chillin' on the front steps of my family's home.

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