the blue zoo

by Caroline Killmer September. 16, 2007 1331 views

On Sunday afternoon I went to the Blue Zoo, which is an aquarium in Beijing… kind of. It features fish and small aquatic invertebrate pretty much exclusively. There was also a distressing number of cockroaches. And a freakish number of tourists.

Large freaky catfish creature. And co.

Many of the fish were lit under blacklight. No real reason was given for this.

“The curation staff at Blue Zoo are trained how to handle with deadly animals and emergency procedures are in place should anyone get stung or bitten.”

I wasn't worried at all about getting stung or bitten before seeing this sign, which coincidentally was just before a shark jumped out of the water to enough of a degree to soak several bystanders.

I'm gon eat that little leg of yours.

Did you know the moray eel has two sets of chompers? One to grab ya, and the other to pull you down it's throat. Quite possibly one of the freakiest things in the sea.

A view into the main tank.

The main tank at the Blue Zoo features a 120 meter long corridor under the water through which you can walk and view the fishies. Or, according to preference, you may squat on the slow-moving conveyor belt.

Sea turtle, who was hanging out in a corner with a shark, and I think a moray eel was back there too. How do they not kill each other?

Lots of people stopped to take photos in the tube. But to take a photo one often had to stand on the moving conveyor belt, which meant having to take little mincing steps backward to keep within the photo frame.

The poster child for why you should floss.

In spite of the presence of sharks, moray eels, and the occasional sea turtle, at 5 p.m. every day they throw a lady in a mermaid suit and scuba mask into the tank. She waves at the old people in the tour groups, who wave back, with looks of total awe on their faces. It's incredibly cheesy, but also a little cute.

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