Mandarin Hotel fire, aftermath

by Caroline Killmer February. 10, 2009 3114 views

Fire's out! Hotel is still standing, for the time being.

The burnt-out Mandarin Oriental hotel looms over the 3rd Ring Road the morning following the fire. The CCTV tower appears undamaged, but the reputation of CCTV might be in a bit of trouble; seems it was their fireworks that set off the blaze.

Great new game - it appears men in green uniforms (I thought they were armed police, but they are unarmed. Go figure) have to pose like this for photos. As soon as you life your camera the arms are tucked smartly behind the back. See how much you can annoy them!

That's not fair, really. They've all been incredibly friendly and patient, if stern, with oglers.

The sidewalks were still crowded with people stopping to take photos.

The north side of the hotel. The police were much more stern about herding people out of the area, so perhaps it's not my imagination that the building is listing this direction.

The pitiful hotel with the new China World Tower construction in the background.

Time to get out of here. The streets on the north side were still wet and blackened.

Residents try to figure out where they are and are not allowed to travel.

Fires and fireworks prohibited. Sage advice, a little too late.

I saw very little debris except for one small corner of a back alley north of the hotel. Here cars were coated with little scraps of aluminium and ash.

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Thanks for your report

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