Riomaggiore, Manarola, Via Dell Amore

by Caroline Killmer May. 25, 2009 20069 views

I spent a nice day hiking between Riomaggiore, Manarola and Corniglia, partly on the Via Dell Amore. Easy walking, but hot day.

This is Biassa in the morning. Cute, and probably a great place to summer, but not inherently exciting for the transient visitor.

Let's do hear it for bright roses, green shutters and white laundry, though. Very quaint.

There's graffiti all over the Via Dell Amore, a surprising amount of it carved onto plants that look to be in the cactaceae family. That's right, cactaceae. I just looked that word up.

Premium waterfront property.

A seat at the end of the Via Dell Amore, where couples sit and kiss at the loud, sometimes bawdy encouragement of anyone who happens to be passing by.

Nice day for it.

If anyone wants to identify this plant, please be my guest. All I know is it was happy-colored.

Again, I don't know where this impulse to take “falling down” angle photos came from, I just know that it started to happen a lot. The camera angle, I mean. I never actually fell.


Damn straight vota! I was in Italy around when everyone was getting chatty about Berlusconi and his Sardinian villa. This made reading the occasionally available English newspaper pretty amusing reading.

Everywhere I went in Manarola I could hear the sound of running water, alongside and even below the streets. Perhaps this giant water wheel once had something to do with that.

The interior of the church of St Lorenzo (I think).

When shooting this dead bee (why not?), I completely and utterly did not see the (seemingly) giant spider sucking its brains out. On uploading these photos the realization that I'd stuck my face next to a crab spider freaked me out. Not the spider aspect - I don't usually fear those. It's more the efficiency of that camouflage.


Clear water, blown out boats.

Hi Jesus!

Purty colors.

I'm known for paleness post-winter, but I've got nothing on this guy.

There isn't that much in the way of sandy beaches, so people flop out on everything available, including the equivalent of boat driveways (I am sure there is a nautical term for this, but I prefer “boat driveways”). You can find some astonishingly comfortable rocks.

Take that, Bohai Bay!

At some points, the terrain changes to giant rounded stones. Looks like a great place for a dip, but it is slightly difficult to access from the trail.


Via dell Amore.

Lovers, couples, and suckas all clasp locks to railings on the Via dell Amore. You're supposed to lock the padlock and throw the key into the sea. What I love is that I saw a couple of combination locks. I guess if you remember the combo but lose your love, you can always return and take the lock back. Eternal love revoked!

The start of the trail from Riomaggiore.

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Sara 11 years, 11 months ago

Beautiful place! Love it:=)
Good shots!!

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