Kew Gardens

by Caroline Killmer June. 09, 2009 1913 views

We spent a lovely day in Kew Gardens (Momma raised us to be garden nerds), and then had to flee for our hotel before the Tube strike kicked in properly. We discovered later that some lines were still running, which took the edge off, but really, there's nothing quite like thinking you're about to be mired in an unfamiliar area with no real affordable way to find your way home.

If photos of flowers are not your thing, stop here. It's Kew Gardens! What are you expecting?

The well-rusted door of a tropical house at Kew Gardens.

Gigantic lily pads always make me nostalgic for Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. Midwesternly cheesy, I know, but so true.

Peacocks, while gorgeous, make extremely disconcerting noises.

Theoretically, at this point I should have been pecked. Fortunately, this was a very patient peacock.

Rose arbor.


And bees.


Monkey puzzle.

Here began the rainy portion of our trip.

Grooming pheasant.


Our trip coincided with the hatching of almost every variant of waterfowl. This, of course, made the UK seem extra adorable.

Ducklings scampered across the pond scum and back into the water, perfectly amphibious but cuter than frogs.

Experimenting with Canon's color isolation feature. Kinda cool.

Mama swan and offspring.

Kew Gardens pagoda.

Something that must be in the lamb's ear family.



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