Temple of Heaven and the Zenit camera

by Caroline Killmer November. 12, 2010 2212 views

The Zenit is a Russian camera that can also be equipped with a massive 300 mm lens that is then mounted on a rifle-like frame. You shoot it by actually pulling a trigger.

However, the lens is currently in need of repair, so I've been shooting with its little 50 mm lens, and its good but somehow incredibly difficult to focus. Still, its sometimes amazing at really low apertures, and probably deserves better than me continuously feeding it slide film that expired in 2001.

It took some sincere contortion on this guy's part to nap in the back of his rickshaw.

Roses do well in Beijing.

Fountain and sunshine.

This was right before the holidays really kicked in, so the crowds were building up.

Children from a dance troupe pose on the steps in front of Tian Tan. This photo looks like it was taken at least 10 years ago. Not sure where that dark shadow came from - light leak in the Zenit?

Speaking of 10 years ago, holy mullet.

I was reminded while taking this lens-flared photo of how far back you have to walk when you have a fixed lens. All the way to the wall.

I love that the Recyclable and Non-recyclable bins were (sort of) made to suit their surroundings.

A little crowded.

Sunset. This is my only major cropped photo from this bunch of film - the path that used to be part of this photo, as one might imagine, was completely blacked out.

Back home.

Pigeons getting their exercise.

Fruits of mucho labor. This one's for Nigh - the yarn you left in Beijing went to good use!

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