INTRO 2011

by Caroline Killmer May. 21, 2011 3552 views

The INTRO electronic music festival draws a rather eclectic crowd. However, I'm pretty sure this fella is not so into the techno scene that he shelled out 200 rmb for a ticket to enjoy the spectacle.

Equally out of place, these guys look like they're in the middle of a meeting at a port or something.

Youthful security guards and a drunk dude hamming it up? Now it's starting to look more like a Beijing music festival.

Whoops, it's gone too far! Dial it back, dial it back!

This “bride”, when not rocking out, was smoking and texting, often simultaneously. Were I in the same situation, I definitely would have caught on fire.

Coming, going, smoking.

That mom does not approve of anything you're doing right now.

Balls up!

This year's INTRO was pretty much exactly like last year's, except this year no one climbed a smokestack, and there were more kids, because you can never start damaging those delicate eardrums too soon.

This guy was also present last year. He's kind of old, kind of strange, and unlike other people from that particular demographic, he's really, really into the music. Two years running, and I still haven't decided if the guy's on drugs or not.

This guy is not on drugs. He is deadly serious.

Serious about matching polo-shirt-pajama-pant combos, that is! If this photo doesn't make you smile, then there's something wrong with you.

Taking the 80s/early 90s far too seriously, this guy appears to be talking - actually talking - on one of those old brick phones.

I thought this photo was really sweet until I realized this girl's chest had been mauled with glow-paint. Elsewhere I saw a guy who had a hand covered in glow-paint. I cringe to think of what I must have missed.

This is the sort of stuff I would photograph if I was one of those street fashion photographers. I'm a big fan of cotton and jeans, though not so much the upset expression. Or the ears, for that matter.

This guy was looking super-cool until he saw me raise my camera, and then he started hamming it up. Even so, he still looks pretty snazzy.

And speaking of snazzy, you'll find none of that here. These ladies went through a great variety of such poses with this very red man.

Infant Eardrum Assault would be a good name for a band.

I think we can all agree that this guy's camera is awesome.

Sunset at the old factory.

The kid and her not-just-a-little-bit pregnant momma have stuck it out to the end! That's dedication.

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