Kruger Park: Lower Sabie

by Caroline Killmer February. 28, 2012 2979 views

This is a good sign you're getting closer to Kruger Park.

The beginning of the descent from highveld to lowveld.

From a distance, this looked like it could have been the colonel's own chartered plane, but up close it was clear how not flight-ready it was.

And we're in the park! We entered via the Crocodile Bridge gate and drove for about an hour up to Lower Sabie. This greeting committee bird is a Burchell's Coucal, if I am not mistaken (and it is very possible and likely that I will be mistaken in many of my bird identifications, so please be patient).

A red-billed hornbill. I'm particularly fond of these birds and their sharp eyes.

Tree squirrel! Pretty much the last thing I expected to see in Kruger Park, but he's a bona fide resident.

A Burchell's Starling. I think.

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill.

Elephant butt. Naively, I was worried I might not see (m)any elephants on my trip, but Kruger's teeming with them.

Later we would drive past areas where trees had been whacked in half or trampled, courtesy of the ellies.

Sunset at the appropriately named Sunset Dam.


A hippo, hanging out. They come out of the water at night to graze, and return at dawn to stay cool during the day. You do not want to catch them on their way back to the water - they can get mean.

One of my favorite South African traditions, the braai, or barbeque. Here we have Woolworth's “limited edition” corn, bacon twizzlers (aka bacon on a stick) and ostrich fillets, which were amazing.

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