Kruger: From Lower Sabie to Olifants

by Caroline Killmer March. 01, 2012 3124 views

Rain and mist blanket the land early in the morning in southern Kruger.

A distant giraffe keeps an eye out as clouds move in.

Elephants graze in the rain.

A visual treat for enduring the inclement weather.

Zebras. Obviously.

We came across four giraffe grazing on one side of the road and then moving to the other, but one of them seemed… off.

I can't be certain if this fellow qualifies as a white giraffe or if something else is going on here, but if it is a white giraffe then it's rather rare!

Another kudu, this one male.

It began drizzling again as we headed north towards Olifants.

I'm going to need some help identifying this bird. It's a little tricky as he's all fluffed up against the elements. Yellow beak, yellow legs, any guesses?

I think this one may be a Walhberg's eagle, but I welcome corrections (or confirmations).

The view from an overlook. Not a house or power line in sight.

Back at lower altitudes and after the rain, elephants grazed.

To the left, a European Roller, to the right, a toothy baboon.

A Southern Carmine Bee-eater, I do believe!

A random bayou.

A lone elephant heads to the water for a mud bath in the midday sun.

A skittish Natal Spurfowl keeps an eye out from a tree. Usually these guys were all over the roads.

In case I hadn't mentioned, Kruger Park is stunning.

A helmeted guineafowl.

Laughing doves.

More impalas, but in lovely light.

A zebra and a breeze.

The viewing platform at Olifants.

Olifant huts.

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